Video: A Chat with Authors – Clark Quinn

I recorded this interview with Clark Quinn about his latest book: Make It Meaningful – Taking Learning Design from Instructional to Transformational – yesterday. I had just finished reading the book earlier in the week and he was available so I jumped on the opportunity – or you might say I hooked ’em and then landed ’em.

That’ll make sense once you see the book chapters and listen to the recording.

Clark Quinn

Clark Quinn, Ph.D. provides strategic learning technology solutions to corporations, government, not-for-profits, and education organizations. An internationally known consultant, speaker, and author of six previous books as well as numerous articles and chapters, he integrates a deep understanding of thinking & learning with broad experience in technology to improve organizational execution, innovation, and ultimately performance. In 2012, Clark was recognized as the eLearning Guild’s first Guild Master. He thinks ‘out loud’ at, tweets as @quinnovator, and works on behalf of clients through Quinnovation.

The Book

Learning Experience Design is, as author Clark Quinn puts it, about “the elegant integration of learning science with engagement”. While there are increasing resources available on the learning science side, the other side is somewhat neglected. Having written one of the books on the learning science side, Clark has undertaken to write the other half.

The book is grounded in his early experience writing learning games, then researching cognition and engagement, and ongoing exploration and application of learning, technology, and design to creating solutions and strategies. It covers the underlying principles including surprise, story, and emotion and pulls them together to create a coherent approach. The book also covers not just the principles, but the implications for both learning elements and a design process. With concise prose and concrete examples, this book provides the framework to take your learning experience designs from instructional to transformational!

Make It Meaningful – Taking Learning Design from Instructional to Transformational

Section 1- Principle
1- Learning & Engagement
2- Hook ’em
3- Land ’em
4- Tips & Tricks

Section 2- Practice
5- Implications
6- A Design Process

The Video

This video is 16:00 minutes in length.

Connect with Clark

His company-
His blog:
His books-

Buy the book at the LDA Press:

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