Simulation Exercise Design for Interpersonal Communications Behaviors

I’ve got another new book out: Simulation Exercise Design for Interpersonal Communications
Skills Development

This book is for you if you are interested in designing and developing Simulation Exercises to improve the Interpersonal Communications Skills of your Target Audiences required in their authentic Performance Contexts.

If you don’t have an approach to Performance Analysis – you might be interested in one of my more recent books that address that.

Case Studies

In Section B of this book, I share 3 Case Studies of such efforts after sharing some additional background in Section A, and then I wrap the book up in Section C with guidance on creating Performance-based Simulation Exercises – using Communications Behaviors – where they are a key means to the ends of Performance Competence.

The three chapters of Section B are:

  • Chapter 4: Case Study A: Product Managers
  • Chapter 5: Case Study B: Labor Relations for Supervisors of Unionized Employees
  • Chapter 6: Case Study C: Integrated Product Development Team Leaders

The book is available as a Kindle, Paperback, and Hardback.

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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