The Stakes at Stake Drive Formality

Oh No! Another Pyramid Scheme!

Q: Do you think this might explain “the why” of 70-20-10 or 10-20-70?

Determining the Risks and Rewards at Stake requires Analysis of the Performance Outputs and Tasks and the Stakeholder Requirements. That informs the decision as to do anything at all and build/buy Formal Instruction, or to leave it to Informal Whatever for addressing that performance in New Hire OnBoarding or Ongoing Instruction.

Then it requires understanding the Current State Gaps and the Future State Gaps and their Seriousness AND their Likelihood – to determine if and how much Practice with Feedback should be included.

Then determining the Frequency of Performance back on the job should help determine if Spaced Learning for Reinforcement purposes is needed – to fend off the Forgetting Curve – to keep the Knowledge & Skills at the ready, for on-demand performance.

Many of my recent books address this…


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