Can We Make Our Viewpoints Clear Without Setting Up Strawman Arguments?

Not that I am not guilty of this myself on occasion…

If you need to overgeneralize or create differences without distinctions and set up a strawman argument to make your point – then you’ve already lost me at step 2.

Of course, this is not new. I recall when back in the 1980s someone made a comment regarding some presenter at a conference I was at – that told me that the presenter was doing this – overgeneralizing, trying to point out a difference that wasn’t really different – leading into their strawman argument.

I cannot recall if I understood the concept of a strawman argument at that point (something easily bayonetted). But I soon became “wary” and “on guard” for such.

There is a pattern to it all – and sometimes you can only see that pattern once the strawman argument has been unleashed – and it all makes sense – the process/path you’ve been led down.

Be careful out there!


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