The Red Role Sits In the Hot Seat

While the focus of the Practice in the Simulation Exercise is the Red Role – the Hot Seat –  all other Role Players can learn by observing the successes and failures of the Red Role.

This also means that while taking the learning process seriously – one must be very careful in ensuring that the Simulation Exercise is still a safe place to learn.

Performing for an audience of one’s peers is often threatening. Especially if they work together back on the job.

And I insist with my client Project Steering Teams that employee-supervisors should almost never attend the same program – with some exceptions.

Low Threat Learning Environment

If you watched the Neil Rackham video from 1981, you would have seen that a “Low Threat Learning Environment” was third on his “10 Design Criteria list.”

In my 12 PACT Facilitation Guidelines: # 8 is: Use Humor.

Four Roles – But Three Learner Roles

One or more people may be in any one of the roles.

  • Red Role: The Primary Learner(s)
  • Yellow Role: A Role Player(s) (also a Learner)
  • Blue Role: The Observer(s) (also a Learner)
  • Facilitator: Rules & Time Keeper & Backup Observer

And there’s potentially an “Orange” Role to be played.

For more – see my 2022 book:

Simulation Exercise Design for Interpersonal Communications Skills Development

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