Go For Performance Short Video: Demonstrations

DEMOs are informed in Lesson Mapping… by the Performance Analysis data which captures and reports out the authentic Outputs to be produced back on the job, along with the Tasks to be performed per Output. Without this data, the instruction’s demonstrations of whole task performance may not be realistic, or too simple. DEMOs, which usually, but not always, follow INFOs in a Lesson Map’s instructional flow, most often lead to APPOs, Application Exercises where the knowledge and skills are enhanced through cycles of Practice and Feedback, interwoven with other knowledge and skills. For high stakes performance, with significant risks and/or rewards, that is desired, and required.

Effective Lesson Maps are informed by Performance & K/S Analysis data. Efficient Lesson Maps are informed by Target Audience & Existing Content Analysis Data.

Go for Performance – in your Design of Instruction and Learning Experiences – to add value for your stakeholders rather than potentially subtract value.


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