Organizing Performance Support By Process at the Department Level

Back in 1990, I did a Curriculum Architecture Design for ARCO of Alaska at their facilities at the oil fields on Alaska’s North Slope, in the arctic circle at Prudhoe Bay.

It was my 27th performance-based CAD project where the focus was on the architecture of the Documentation/Job Aids (that they called Desk Procedures) required for all users of a proprietary materials control system called AMPS – ARCO Materials Procurement System.

The Desk Procedures were on the networked computer systems available at that time – that are sometimes referred to as “Green Screens.” Ask the old folks or Google it – or just go here.

Desk Procedures was just one of many of yesteryear’s terms
for what is now often called Performance Support in the WorkFlow.

Quick/Intuitive Access

Today – like yesteryear – speedy access and search are key to improved Performance Fluency.

In years past it was “how a binder” or “how a computer page” was “accessed and indexed.” The same is true today in terms of how Instructional Content – Performance Support and/or Self-Paced Learning Experiences – are organized for Quick Access.

The 5 Tier Enterprise Content Architecture

The 5 Tier Enterprise Content Architecture is an Inventory framework that ties directly to the Processes of each Department – where Guidance/ Job Aids/ Performance Support can be accessed for both the unique Process of a Department – or a Single Job Family – and those Processes that are shared across Jobs, Departments, Functions and the entire Enterprise – including its customers and suppliers.

Examples of a Process Unique to a Job/Department
– How to Order Materials – is unique to one department.
– How to document the movement of Materials from one storage location to another

Examples of a Process Shared Across an Enterprise
– Travel Expense Reimbursement process guidance and tools – are shareable across many departments.
– Documenting the Annual Budget submission


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