My ADDIE-like Framework Since the 1980s

When I became an ISD consultant back on November 1, 1982, I was put in charge of our firm’s ISD Practice Area. I hired staff and developed standard (but flexible) methods and tools/templates that we would all use in our projects.

That’s when I would explain to others – staff, clients, and prospects that while my approach looks intimidating and over-engineered – it actually allowed us to go quicker with confidence and quality.

A decade later, in 1992, we decided to share our PACT approach with readers of our paper quarterly newsletter. Those readers on our mailing list (around 300) were our clients and prospects and anyone else who asked to be added to that mailing list.

I don’t have each and every copy of those old newsletters – but those that I did have I digitized as PDFs and they are all archived on my website – here.

These graphics are from the Spring 1993 newsletter article on the PACT Process’ Analysis Phase – here.

Note, when I went solo with EPPIC in 2002 after 20 years in my 2 prior consulting firms (SWI and CADDI), I updated my graphic for PACT.


And while the C in PACT could have stood for Collaboration – I wished to convey that my customers and their stakeholders were in charge – and that they owned the Business Decisions inherent in all ID/ISD/LXD efforts.

And there were always plenty of those – including the decisions at The L&D Pivot Point – the title of a future book (currently with the editor).

The Pivot Point is where the initial intent to build/buy L&D Content is revisited & reviewed – and based on the Analysis Data produced – a decision is made to kill the project, pivot to non-instructional improvement efforts, or continue with both instructional and non-instructional improvement efforts.

Because that decision especially isn’t an L&D Decision – it’s always been a Business Decision in my approach.


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