Systems & Product Engineering in L&D

My project planning and management framework had only been known to prospects and clients from our Project Plans & Proposals – until we started to share them back in 1992 – after a decade of use on hundreds of consulting engagements.

The names of the methods changed a couple of times – for example, what I now label as ID – Instructional Development was MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition, and before that it was CCD – Custom Course Development.

The above graphic is from the quarterly newsletter of the Fall of 1994 of my firm (SWI) – and is available here.

CAD – a Systems Engineering approach. I have very recently changed that label to IA – Instructional Architecture.

I’ve started (or gone back to) using “Instruction” as a key label as THAT is inclusive of Job Aids & Training, or Resources & Courses, or Performance Support & Learning Experiences.

CCD (or MCD or now ID) – is the Product Engineering approach to performance-based Instruction.

Note that they both (all) start off with a Project Planning & Kick-Off phase – which includes an Intake Process.

Older books and more recent books that reflect and share my approaches to Performance Improvement and Performance-Based Instruction – go back to my first, in 1994 – The Quality Roadmap.

See all of my books at Amazon – here.



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