My Fixation & Focus on Outputs in Instruction

And Instruction includes both Performance Support and Learning Experiences – or what was called in the past – Job Aids and Training.

Same diff.

It all started on my first day out of college and in my new job as a Developer in August 1979. I was given several items that the first day that I’ve written about in the past – and later in the week I was given a 3-ring binder of Praxis Workshop materials from 1972.

Praxis was the consulting firm of Geary Rummler and Tom Gilbert.

Those two paragraphs above found on page 408 in that binder – speak to the focus on Outputs and then the Measures, and then the Tasks and Behaviors, and then any Gaps from the Ideal.

I’ve been carrying this fixation & focus on Performance Outputs since that first week, if not that first day.

My Job Title in 1979…

If you are interested in having me work with your ISD/LXD staff on any aspect of Performance-Based Instruction – the Architecture – the Development – the Evaluation – connect with me via my email at:




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