Communications Behaviors for L&D Professionals

I’ve been training my staff and my clients’ staff in my Analysis methods since 1983. One thing that I attempted to include was the Communications Behaviors they would need to be quick and competent.

Most started off doing more “Giving Information” than “Seeking Information” as they tried to explain to (or impress) the other party with the Wonderfulness of their approach.

I tried to turn that around so that some QUICK “Giving Information” was followed by a series of “Eliciting & Confirming” Communication Behaviors.

I shared my Job Aid/Performance Support/Performance Guide for conducting the Performance & Gap Analysis efforts – which precede the analysis of the Enabling Knowledge/Skills – just last week – here.

First things first.

First, come the questions about “what do they have to be able to do” back on the job?

And then after that, come the questions about “what they gotta know?”

Depending on the Scope of the Effort – the entire job or parts of it or one part of it – there may or may not be a need to establish the Big Picture of Performance first.

Or one might be able to dive right into the details about Outputs and Measures and Tasks – Oh My!

Framing the Analysis effort – is part of my scoping efforts before my planning. You don’t always get that as early as during the Request Intake Process. But that’s best. I have learned however, to not lock in as if that’s the final word on Scope.

When I do conduct Analysis – I do it in each and every Phase of my overall effort.

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