Revisiting My 1994 Book: The Quality Roadmap


TQM is a tough process. Whether your company is straying and struggling midway along the quality path or has just begun the journey, The Quality Roadmap will help get you back on the road. And you’ll not only continue your journey, but you’ll see your destination clearly and understand why your company is on this pilgrimage.

The Quality Roadmap is not like other books on this subject. It doesn’t contain guru revelations, it doesn’t dictate which tools to use, and it doesn’t subject you to long-winded theories. It’s a pragmatic, universal planning model developed by the authors and the Council for Continuous Improvement, a consortium of more than 140 quality-seeking companies. This model is based on patterns of success that both the authors and the Council found in research and was created specifically to help you take a long-range look at your company’s quality efforts and figure out: Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we get there?

The Quality Roadmap shows how to avoid common pitfalls along the way, such as trying to do too much emphasis on massive training efforts, or focusing mainly on manufacturing. The book presents a map that will help your company get past these quagmires and focuses on improvement targets that give the biggest return. The “map,” which actually resembles something more like a three-dimensional cube, will enable your company to pinpoint those areas of improvement that will yield the most significant results for your business; plan your quality effort for the next few years, and set up a series of improvement targets that are in the best strategic order; and take control of your quality effort’s destination and help you get there faster and less expensively.

Reviewer Quotes:

Semantic Scholar

Presenting readers with a sophisticated, but pragmatic model that they can apply to any kind of quality improvement effort, this book shows readers what to do, how to do it, and how much it will cost. This model has been applied with great success by the Council for Continuous Improvement, a 60-member consortium of high-technology companies. Readers learn how to: measure improvements in more than just financial terms; choose the most useful quality “tools”; focus on major targets for improvement; and integrate quality efforts with company-wide strategic tools.

The Journal for Healthcare Qualityhere.


This book is available as a Kindle and as a Paperback.

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