Beware the Non-Conscious Nature of Knowledge

According to what Dick Clark shared with me for one of my books last year, the research tells us that people (experts and all of the rest of us) can share only about 30% of what a novice would need to know in terms of the Cognitive Tasks experts use to make decisions. And perhaps they can share about 40 to 50% of the Behavioral Tasks needed to do to produce an output. That’s due to the non-conscious nature of knowledge that Dick has been researching and studying with others for decades.

That makes getting our Instructional Content – Performance Support and Learning Experiences – to be Accurate, Complete, and Appropriate – damn difficult.

This has implications for ISD/LXD development efforts and for delivery efforts as well.

How do your processes and practice address this HUGE issue?

See Dick Clark’s many contributions on Non-Conscious Knowledge and other areas of research – on the HPT Treasures site – here.


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