It’s All About the Analysis Data

And less about the methods for generating that data. But you want that data to be Accurate, Complete, and Appropriate. Because that data will feed your Design efforts.

The 2 most crucial sets of Analysis data are:

  • Performance & Gap data
  • Enabling Knowledge/Skills data

The latter is derived from the former.

A Webinar from 2019

This video is 64:16 minutes in length.

I’ve been doing Analysis this way since 1979 – when I was taught a derivative of a derivative of the analysis methods of the late Geary Rummler.

Here is a graphic from 1987 based on one I created in 1983 – that was also used in a Training Magazine article on Curriculum Architecture written in 1983 but published in 1984.

This is central to both my ISD/LXD methods and my Performance Improvement methods – and has been covered in several books from the past few years.

See all of Guy W. Wallace’s books on his Amazon Authors Page:

And check out my newest book – out as of yesterday…


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