Revisiting My 1999 Book: lean-ISD


lean-ISD covers the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

This book is for those who know that T&D means training and development. It’s for those who know that ISD means instructional systems development or instructional systems design. It’s for those who want to improve ISD processes to improve T&D products.

Those seeking improved ISD processes and T&D products may be ISD professionals–analysts, designers, developers, or project managers. They may be anyone with a stake in the ISD processes and T&D products–managers whose staffs depend on T&D to achieve high performance or executives who want to make sure that dollars spent on T&D achieve a sufficient payoff for the organization.

Improved ISD processes and T&D products don’t come easy. But in this book, I can show you how to achieve them. 

Reviewer Quotes:

Miki Lane
“lean-ISD takes all of the theory, books, courses, and pseudo job aids that are currently on the market about Instructional Systems Design and blows them out of the water.

Previous `systems’ approach books showed a lot of big boxes and diagrams, which were supposed to help the reader become proficient in the design process. Here is a book that actually includes all of the information that fell through the cracks of other ISD training materials and shows you the way to actually get from one step to another. Guy adds all of the caveats and tips he has learned in more than 20 years of ISD practice and sprinkles them as job aids and stories throughout the book.

However, the most critical part of the book for me was that Guy included the project and people management elements of ISD in the book. Too often, ISD models and materials forget that we are working with real people in getting the work done. This book helps explain and illustrate best practices in ensuring success in ISD projects.”

Randy Kohout
“I’ve found lean-ISD to be a very useful reference tool and resource. After having been involved with CADDI consultants on a large scale application of the methodology at my last firm, I’ve taken on several recent projects in my new company using many of the methods, tools and templates of CADDI’s PACT Processes for Training & Development. The book is designed so that I was quickly able to access the information I needed to provide my clients practical, timely and quality approaches to tackling their business issues. I highly recommend this book as a guide for business professionals challenged by either training and development, learning, knowledge management, or human competence development projects.”


This book is available as a Kindle and as a Paperback.

See all of Guy’s books on his Amazon Authors Page:


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