Performance Improvement Consulting & Performance Consulting

Same diff?

I use the phrase Performance Improvement Consulting instead of Performance Consulting to differentiate it from those who use Performance Consulting to mean Performance-Based Learning or Training or Instruction and never go beyond Learning in their Analysis and Solutions.

Although my main mentor, the late Geary Rummler, called it “Performance Consulting” in his 2007 book Serious Performance Consulting According to Rummler. And others in my NSPI/ISPI network called it Performance Consulting in several of their books.

But way too often over the past few decades, I have seen Performance Consulting used to mean Performance-Based Instruction/ Training/ Learning. I dislike that conflation.

So I use the phrase Performance Improvement Consulting instead.

Plus, the name of my 3rd consulting firm since 2002 is EPPIC – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement Consulting.

Sometimes Performance Improvement Consulting is the same as and synonymous with Performance Consulting – but sometimes it is not.

My 2011 book called it: Performance Improvement Consulting … as did my 2022 book in the subtitle …

… and in my future book (in the subtitle as well), The L&D Pivot Point, depending of course, on what my editor advises/demands.

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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