Performance Guides Guide Performance

Does the Performance Context

Allow for a Referenced Performance Response

or does it

Demand a Memorized Performance Response?

In my 1999 book, lean-ISD, I referred to what was then better known as Job Aids at the time, as “Performance Aids.” Just as I had called Job Models “Performance Models” – as they both address performance of more than one job – in a cross-functional Process, or what’s known today as WorkFlows.

My list of categories and types of Performance Guides has expanded a bit since my 1999 list (below) but they were all rooted in what I learned from Rummler & Gilbert in their 1970 newsletter on Guidance – The Short Way Home.

The Short Way Home

That Praxis Report – the Rummler & Gilbert newsletter from September/October 1970 – was something I was given on Day 1 in my first job out of college – that I started on August 6th, 1979 – 43 years ago today.

I was also given 2 books to read.

A Recent Book

You can learn more about this book – here.

In it, I position Performance Guides as one category of Performance Support of “things that enable the WorkFlow” where the disruption to the Flow of Work is minimal compared to enrolling into a Group-Paced or Coached Learning Experience. Yet – all 3 Modes of Instruction – Self-Paced, Coached, and Group-Paced are Performance Support – in my view.

My List of Performance Guide Types

And there’s this recent book.

And you can learn about this recent mini-book – here.

It’s Not All About Learning
– It’s All About Performance.


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