I’ve Ordered the T-Shirt: The Cult of Performance

No kidding! I really just created and ordered The T-Shirt.

Back in my guest appearance on David James’ Learning & Development podcast in 2020, I said I wouldn’t hold my breath about the awakening or Pivot to Performance in L&D.

David just published an article in Forbes magazine – hereGoing From Learning Provision To Performance In L&D – and is one of today’s champions of Performance-Based Instruction/ Training/ Learning.

There are others who champion this notion of Performance – but we are a tiny minority overall – across the population of L&D Practitioners and Leaders.

As someone who was “schooled” in a Performance Orientation in T&D (as it was called back in 1979 when I joined the field/profession).

And that Performance Orientation starts with Analysis or Discovery or Figuring It Out or whatever you need to call it in YOUR CONTEXT.

For example, in a manufacturing enterprise, they might call it Requirements Definition. In a merchandising enterprise, they might call it Marketplace Analysis – or something along those lines.

Get out your erasers, and color me hopeful. Because…

Maybe “we can get THERE from here” – and maybe, just maybe, we can/will begin to answer Rummler’s lament – in his article that was first a foreword for a book in 1969, that – “We Can’t Get There From Here” – and we will act as Performance Technologists.

This was back when “technology” meant “application of science,” not digital stuff or computer stuff.

Join Me in the Cult of Performance

You can order one of these T-Shirts yourself – here.

See ya online!

Go for Performance!


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