Tomorrow I’ll be Chatting About Performance Improvement Consulting on YOK

Free to Members: Wednesday August 17, 2022 at LDA:

$25 USD otherwise. At 11 am east coast USA time. Join Matt Richter, Clark Quinn, the hosts, and me.

We’ll chat wherever the conversation takes us.

I’ve been writing about Quality and Performance Improvement and ISD, from an ISD perspective, since 1979 on Customer Satisfaction, and in 1982 – and my White Paper, written while I was an employee at Motorola, on Participative Management of the Performance System – May 1982 suggesting a combination of Rummler, Rackham, and TQM.

My major influences on performance-based ISD and the overlap with Performance Improvement and Quality Improvement, going back to 1979, have been Rummler, Gilbert, Mager, Harless, Deming, Juran, Crosby, Rackham, Carlisle, and Svenson.

My 3 books on this included a mind-meld of 3, started in 1992, on How to Define, Describe, Detail, and Share our consultant-project-based-experiences – in The Quality RoadMap – which necessitated hiring a ghostwriter to assemble the 1st draft and then do a complete overhaul into what got published in 1994 where we unghosted him. It was our combo of TQM & HPT – Total Quality Management and Human Performance Technology. And how to assess and then what to apply.

See any and all of my books on Amazon – here.

Note: The L&D Pivot Point is currently not yet available. It is with its editor. And The Quality RoadMap is out of print but available “used” at times.

Check out LDA – here.


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