Communications Behavior Analysis Data Tool for Gathering and Reporting Behavior Profiles

I met Jez Benton online recently when I used Neil Rackham’s name in a comment – as the name dropper I am, and we connected, and I learned about what he was doing with BA (Behavior Analysis) data in leadership development efforts.

Jez works with his firm, Canvas Leadership, and Andre Kotze’s firm, AirtimeBA, to serve clients in a number of ways, and their partnership just might change more of what I have termed “communications behaviors” from one profile to another – simply helping people become more aware, and attuned to one’s self in what “behaviors” they employ while engaged in a conversation one on one or with a larger group.

This video is 57:35 minutes in length.

Instructional Currentz is my series on topics of interest to me within L&D and Performance Improvement.


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