Video: A Conversation with Robert Damelio – Part 1

I’ve known Robert Damelio since 1983, when he was a client. I have had him as one of my subcontractors on a couple of my firm’s projects, and I was a subcontractor on one of his projects as well.

Robert’s journey is something like, started in instructional delivery, then moved into instructional development, then performance improvement, and finally to quality improvement – ala “lean” – and so I’ve always considered him to be a student of quality/performance improvement – so I wanted to share his thoughts about the transition from Learning to Performance. We did this Zoom session on August 18, 2022.

I think I will do another video with him – Part 2 – to talk about how he goes about conducting an improvement effort and how ISD, HPT, and TQM fit into it – plus his MBA.

The Video

This video is 69:51 minutes in length.

Connect with Robert

Robert’s Profile


  • 214-995-1960 (Mobile)


Jacksonville, Florida



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