But isn’t everything “Situational?”

I’m going to guess that, yes, everything is “Situational.”

That’s why having some method in your WorkFlow to determine the Situation(s) of your Learners within the scope of your assignment is critical – very critical. And it’s critical that that method be quick-enough to be timely in the overall big picture – the situation from a Systems Thinking Viewpoint – where there is some large effort going on that your L&D WorkFlow is a part of as one of many elements.

Many of my 30+ books offer specific HOW TO guidance on what I call Performance-Based “Analysis” – that others might call “Discovery” or some other term.

If you don’t have a method for determining the situation and/or situations of your Learners as Performers in their WorkFlows, their Performance Requirements in Context(s), you are less likely to see a positive Transfer and Impact after Consumption (either Push or Pull).


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