Be Thankful – Top-Down Directives Give You a Target

Then, it’s up to you in how you respond. With valid and proven Processes & Practices, or with Suspect Processes & Practices.

You should know the difference – if you are trying to make a difference.

The two basic options for responding include:

  • generate content on that topic or behavior
  • focus first on the underlying Performance Competence Requirements and then address those appropriately (and better, faster, and cheaper)

Many of my 30+ books offer specific HOW TO guidance on what I call Performance-Based “Analysis” – that others might call “Discovery” or some other term.

If you don’t have a method for determining the situation and/or situations of your Learners as Performers in their WorkFlows, their Performance Requirements in Context(s), you are less likely to see a positive Transfer and Impact after Consumption (either Push or Pull).


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