The KISS Principle in L&D

Keep it Simple Silly

While I do feel it is an imperative for L&D organizations to experiment with the new technologies and affordances (utilities), they bring BEFORE a HIGH STAKES NEED appears on their doorstep – I do worry about our general tendency to get enthralled with the Next New Shiny Object and see it as THE MAGIC necessary for every opportunity.

What’s all too often missing is a sense of the financial aspects – in development and then delivery as in the R for the I. The Return for the Investment – or however your CFO looks at such (you should know that for sure).

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should – as some of these new technology solutions are much more expensive than the available alternatives – and both would bring about the same result in terms of Performance Competence when the dust settles.

Performance Competence is the Ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs that Meet Stakeholder Requirements.

And THAT’S the business we are in.


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