1st Friday Favorite Guru: Sivasailam Thiagarajan

EPPIC - Pursuing Performance

This month we start on the First Friday with another of My Favorite Gurus

Sivasailam Thiagarajan

You might know him as Thiagi.


I’ve had an excellent professional relationship with Thiagi over the past couple of decades. He has meant so much to me – and to many others. We chatted when he was considering running for ISPI President for a 2nd time (a first for the Society at that time). I encouraged him to do so.

I would always try to schedule my NSPI/ISPI Conferences – and others – to attend one or two of his sessions FOR I ALWAYS LEARNED SOMETHING OF PRACTICAL VALUE that I could pretty much use immediately – or real soon afterwards.

It was at one of his sessions where he publicly invited – or challenged – me to join him the next year in session as a co-presenter. I said yes on the spot. We did…

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