So yes, I turned 70 twelve days ago, and yesterday I celebrated 20 years at EPPIC Inc., as a solo entrepreneur, after almost 5 years at CADDI Inc., where I was the majority owner, and almost 15 years at Svenson & Wallace Inc., where I owned 33.3% of that entity. Before that I spent 22 months at Wickes Lumber and then 17 months at Motorola.

What lies ahead is mostly unknown. I don’t think that I can just step away and be done with it – and like my main mentor, the late Geary A. Rummler, Ph.D., I’ll likely fail at retirement.

My goal now is to help others in the L&D space become more Performance Oriented.

So I’ll keep posting on Twitter and on LinkedIn and doing my various series of videos and participating in others’ podcasts – as I’ve already been asked to participate in a couple coming up soon.

As I share, I hope that you’ll keep the following in mind and approach all of this as I have been doing for 43 years now…


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