The Long & Short of Covid and Chronic Fatigue For Me

The doctors aren’t sure that I’ve ever had Covid – but in September 2020, as I was wrapping up a new book, I was hit with what I called Chronic Fatigue, at least that was the self-diagnosis that I explained to my doctor as the reason for my visit in January 2021.

I had felt a new need for napping – and I’ve almost never taken a nap before unless I was coming down with something.

But it persisted, so in October 2020, I got tested for Covid – and that result was negative. Then my wife came down with Covid, and I got tested again in December 2020, and again my test result was negative.

Thus began a series of doctors appointments, including blood tests, sleep tests, etc., etc., and just earlier this week, on my 3rd attempt at getting a Stress Test completed – after my local hospital changed owners and scheduling systems – which added to my stress – driving there at half-past dark early/early twice – only to find the SNAFU – as the routine hospital appointment notice stated and it then was too late to avoid the drive there.

But I saw the results yesterday evening, and I think I passed that test – which means the source of my sudden and continued Chronic fatigue is likely to be unknown.

My cardiologist said a couple of months ago that I probably had Covid, but we’ll never know for sure.

Now all of this parallels my recent run-up to #70 – as in birthdays – so getting old has gotten old and tiring very quickly.

I have been and am now scheduling anything that passes for professional activities in a window between 10 am and 2 pm my time – as by mid-afternoon, I am usually pretty tired – not every day – just most days.

I have a QCF – a Quirky Chronic Fatigue, it seems.

Thus my recent declaration of me moving from the Semi-Retired status to a Mostly-Retired status.

But, as I’ve written, I’m not done yet. I wish to continue to push my fellow travelers in L&D towards the Cult of Performance.

There are miles to go before I sleep. ;)

Who has also taken up “the baton” in that race?


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