Performance Tests

Our 1987 project – for ARCO of Alaska on the Oil Fields of the North Slope – led to a 1994 project to do the same kind of Performance-Based Testing for a Performance Based Compensation System for people working on the Alaska Pipeline – and then several other projects in the 1990s aimed at Performance Testing for the purpose of speeding and better targeting the developmental of branch management and technical and sales staff, and another for R&D staff, and a couple of others.

Those efforts for our clients were often labeled as “Time to Performance” as THAT was our focus – as in, the reduction of THAT. I’ve written Blog Posts about those efforts in the past.

The Alaska projects were based on an adaptation of my CAD/IA – Curriculum Architecture Design/Instructional Architecture – methods – which I had formalized starting back in 1982.

The late Ray A. Svenson and I wrote this book in the next graphic, back in 2007. Ray and I were business partners at SWI (Svenson & Wallace Inc.), for 15 years, 1982-1997.

Alaska was “a trip” way back then. My first visit in 1987 had the pilot abort his landing in Anchorage – as there was a moose on our runway, and he had to be chased off before we could land.

That was our stop before we could get on the ARCO of Alaska charter flight to Prudhoe Bay, where the old fields of the North Slope were. And the Performance we had to analyze to build Performance Tests.

Earlier this year, in 2022, I began an effort to create a series of mini-books on various aspects of Performance-Based Instruction. One of those was an update of that 2007 book.

The best Test of whether your Learning Experience (or even Performance Guides) worked – is the Acid Test of Performing back on the job.

So it’s good as a test for Transfer – and then Impact – as it’s all about Measurable Performance Competence.

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