Move Over “Cult of Behaviors”

There’s a new fixation in town. It’s Fun & Engaging Learning.

And Edutainment versus Performance-Based Instruction – and if you follow me you already know where I am at, in all of that.

But just in case…

The Value of Escape Rooms Escapes Me

I see these as mostly a distraction – and a misguided attempt to up the Engagement Scores – with darn little Return, for the Investments, Performance Competence Improvement-wise – for Learners who then go back to their jobs not having learned much about what, when, and how to apply “whatever” was learned from the Escape Room Experience, back on their jobs.

So, what was the point?

In his 1978 book, Human Competence, the late Tom Gilbert complained about the Cult of Behaviors. ATD addressed that – here.

And, as bad as that was, is somehow better, IMO, than the Cult of Engagement-Sans-Authenticity with the SIG of Far-Far-far Transfer.

And as we all know, the number one rule of the Far-Far-far Transfer Club is to never talk about the Far-Far-far Transfer Club.

And as the late Dale Brethower taught us decades ago, “If you are not adding value, you are subtracting value.”

Focus on the Performance Requirements.
And Enable them.


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