Treasure Hunts for Kid Learning

Back in the day – seems like decades ago now – I became a semi-master at creating Treasure Hunts for my grandkids – where I tried to incorporate learning about map reading, which way the sun comes up and goes down, distance in feet, and yards, the N-S-E-W directions on the compass, which side of the tree that the moss grows (and why), and the use of my sundial – as in setting it correctly (per the compass) and then heading off 40 paces (or 40 feet or 5 yards) in the direction of 2 pm.

Here is James, my youngest grandchild, the winner THAT day back in 2015 – and please note that everybody won something.

And by the way – all 4 of my grandkids know the answer to each of these questions:

  • Which way do you look in a Parking Lot? Which after 10 years became…
  • Which way do you look while driving the boat on the lake?
  • Which way do you look at a Stop Sign?
  • Which way do you look when stopped at a Traffic Light that’s just turned Green?

And as we all know, knowing, ain’t doing. But just as the Charlotte Panther’s motto suggests, “Keep Pounding.”

BTW – the Answer that they know I expect is: “All Ways.”


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