If Only – Available L&D was Driven By Performance Requirements of All Critical Enterprise Jobs

In my not-too-deep reading of all of the reports and analysis of WHY the Great Resignation is going on, I see many L&D providers trying to make some real hay from this – and suggesting that what will address this is MORE L&D Content. Including the drum beat of SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS.

People may have Career Advancement aspirations – and they would like a clear path laid out for How To Get There – and yes, that might require new Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Performance Competencies.

Determining the “deltas” of Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Performance Competencies between my job and several that I might aspire to is indeed a job for L&D IMO. Otherwise, it’s up to each individual or to their management to figure it out on their own – should that management be interested in losing someone to help them meet their personal goals – for a different role, different experiences, and/or different money.

But it’s more than seeing the Path that might lay ahead – getting from here to there – it’s help and encouragement and realistic assessment of the chances to actually make it happen.

Perhaps Enterprises need Career Counselors armed with valid Data about the various job opportunities around the Enterprise, and are the job populations growing, stable, or shrinking, what does “a Day in the Life” (or Week, Month, Year) look like, and then if still interested, what are the enabling Knowledge & Skills required and how would one go about getting them?

You may not be able to do that for every Job and then keep that up-to-date, as most would be a moving target, but you maybe should for the most critical jobs.

What are the CONCs – the Costs of Non-Conformance – for not doing so?


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