The Nebulousness of the Term “Environment” in Performance Improvement Consulting

In 1979 I had a lot of questions as I got sucked into the world of Performance-Based Instruction and Performance Improvement – the former being a small subset of the latter. And the word Environment, as in Environmental factors, always stumped me, as it left a lot unsaid. It was nebulous. Too nebulous.

Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model (BEM) helped a bit – but it was really when I saw the Ishikawa Diagram that the Big Picture started coming into greater focus for me.

So I started “noodling around” with it – and eventually came up with my EPPI Fishbone – and an early version of that made its way into my business partners and my book, The Quality RoadMap (1994).

What’s your framework when thinking about the Performance Variables other than 1) The Process Itself and 2) the People?

And, BTW – The Process Itself – for me – includes the assignment of Roles and Responsibilities of all of the organizations involved.


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