What Functionality I Would Want in a PIP – Performance Improvement Platform

Yes, I borrowed PIP from Tom Gilbert’s “Performance Improvement Potential” – from his 1978 book, Human Competence, because that’s one of the key functions/affordances I would like to see in it.

Here’s my wish list for the functionality of such a system…

  • Organized by Enterprise, Function, Department, Processes, and Job
  • Captures Performance & Gap Analysis Data
  • Captures the Enabling Knowledge & Skills Data
  • Captures all of the other Enablers of the Processes/ WorkStreams/ WorkFlows Data
  • Establishes the Value of the Ideal Performance and any Gaps & Causes
  • Established the projected (estimated) First and Life Cycle Costs and Benefits of various Solution-sets
  • Houses for Access or Registration all Performance Guides and Learning Experiences
  • Houses all Project Data for the building/buying of the Performance Guides and Learning Experiences

Of course, there are a ton or two of details under each of the bullets above. But Wish Lists seldom get down to that nitty-gritty detail because your dreams might too easily then become nightmares.


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