Adapt My BOD Meeting Framework for Decision Making

I first posted this “Placemat” – here – back in 2011.

I had created the “Placemat” for my turn at running ISPI Board of Directors meetings when I was the President (April 2003 – April 2004).

When I showed the Board, in our Face-to-Face Meeting, the initial version, they wanted some changes – AND I also learned that by laminating these – that suggested a permanence and inflexibility – even though I had said that this was my initial draft and I wanted their feedback.

But some didn’t hear that, as they were focused on the laminated artifact and not my “ask” for their feedback.

THAT reminded me of a prior lesson in sharing drafts that I had neglected to TRANSFER to this new situation – that I covered in a newsletter back in the Summer of 1994, starting on page 8, and that I posted about, here, in 2007.

That “lesson learned” was about Pilot Test materials looking too polished and suggesting that they were more final materials than pilot test materials.


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