The Symbiotic Relationship Between L&D Analysis & Evaluation

I know it’s a BIG IF – but IF your L&D Analysis was focused on the Performance Requirements, back on the job, for your Learners.

You should have determined what Outcomes were important from a Stakeholder perspective and how those were Measured, what Outputs became Inputs for the downstream customers and how those were Measured, what Behavioral & Cognitive Tasks needed to be performed and how those were Measured, and what Enabling Knowledge & Skills were required how those were Measured.

If you’re trying to discover/ detect/ determine THOSE Measures after your ISD/LXD efforts are done, you’re just too late.

Your Analysis efforts should have determined them before Design-Development-Deployment. You should have determined what the Performance Improvement Potential (Gilbert’s PIP) was before you embarked on your 3D journey (Design-Development-Deployment).

You should have decided what and how to measure IMPACT before the 3 Ds to target some and drop other Performance Targets.

Your client’s Business Decision Making Process should have been Informed by the possible Benefits before assessing the probable Development & Deployment Costs for Implementing your Design.

Your ISD/LXD PROCESS should have been deliberate in addressing all of this.

Does it?


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