L&D: 3-Part Behavioral Objectives at 2 Levels

In 1979 I was taught to take the Performance Analysis data – based on “a derivative of a derivative” of Geary Rummler’s approach to Performance Analysis and inform/create the terminal or Performance Objectives using Bob Mager’s 3-part behavioral objectives format.

I learned that from his 1975 version of Preparing Instructional Objectives (2nd edition). Part of what’s been known as the Mager 6 Pack.

A simplified version of Mager’s format is: “Able to do X, Given Y, as Measured by Z.”

Then, in order to be able TO DO (Performance) one would need TO KNOW (Knowledge & Skills) – and that 2nd level of Objectives is sometimes called Enabling, or Knowledge, or Learning.

Sometimes in a modular design, some Lessons are about learning the enablers, followed by additional enablers, and at some point, putting it all together in terminal Performance.

For Example

Learn the Process/ WorkStream/ WorkFlow. Then learn the Laws/Regulations/Codes. Then learn the branches of decision-making involved. Then learn the performance in chunks and then end-to-end.

A Modular Chain of Instruction.

My Analysis efforts always focused on Performance before the Enabling Knowledge & Skills.

Several of my recent books address this. One book that puts these together is my 2022 mini-book: Lesson Mapping for Performance Impact.

And my 2021 book: Performance-Based Lesson Mapping.

And I have 2 webinars on Lesson Mapping. This webinar from 2021:

performance based Lesson Mapping – ISPI SoCal Webinar

And this webinar from 2019.

ISD Analysis Data and Lesson Mapping

See all of my 30+ books on my Amazon Author’s page – here.


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