Assessing Performance via Performance Tests

Back in 1987, I was so busy with my AT&T Network Systems clients that I was only involved in the initial efforts with my firm’s new client, ARCO of Alaska, and their Pay Progression Program – where they wanted to “SKILL” their technical staff up in Prudhoe Bay, on Alaska’s North Slope, in the Arctic Circle.

I adapted my CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design methods to focus on first specifying “Performance Tests” – that would theoretically then lead to testing, pinpointing where Training was needed, and then development of a whole bunch of modular Training Modules would follow – which was my department (Practice Area in the firm).

I ran one of three demo Analysis Sessions as a proof of concept, and then our staff and subcontractors developed the first targeted Tests to continue with the Proof of Concept – which were labeled Qualification/Certification Tests due to a disagreement between HR and the Operations Managers – and rather than battle that out, we employed the “slash” giving deference to the Target Audience’s Managers.

After initial Testing using our Performance Tests – it was determined that Training would not be necessary. My business partners, staff, and subcontractors then went on to build over 2000 Performance Tests for over 20 technical populations.

The Tests were all available for anyone to view before they were taken, and since this was tied to everyone’s wallets – it was the foundation for a Pay-Progression-Program – everyone learned what they needed to in order to be able to pass the test.

So much for the follow-on Training development work.

In 1994 our client moved from ARCO of Alaska to the Alyeska Pipeline Company and brought us in to do pretty much the same thing. No one mentioned Training development post Testing – as we had all learned that that was unlikely.

My business partner, Ray Svenson, and I later wrote a book about that effort, and the details on “HOW TO”,” in 2007, and then I wrote a mini-book in 2022.

Here is a 29-page PDF of our draft Overall Program Design (Pre-Project Plan & Proposal) from 1994 to our 2nd client for this approach to Performance Assessment via Performance Tests.

I’ve written several blog posts about this over the past 15 years – search this site using “Performance Tests” and “Qualification/Certification Tests” to dig them out of the 5500+ posts here.

Here is the 2007 book – and here is the 2022 book.

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:

Here is a 15-minute video of me in 1987 taking a tour of our spartan office and the living facilities at Prudhoe Bay on my first day up in the Arctic Circle:


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