Go For Performance Short Video:

Target Audience Incoming Education and Experience Analysis Data informs Lesson Mapping… and guides the configuration of modular content that so Knowledge and Skills that are already known or mastered by some of the content can be tested-out of, or just skipped, or leveraged in the design by taking advantage of what some already know to help others climb that particular learning curve. Too often the learners are treated as if they are all the same unaware, empty vessels, to be filled with new knowledge and skills, when they might already know them more than sufficiently. Depending on the mode and media your design leads to, help them skip what they already know, or have them assist in the learning, of others.

Effective Lesson Maps are informed by Performance & K/S Analysis data. Efficient Lesson Maps are informed by Target Audience & Existing Content Analysis Data.

Go for Performance – in your Design of Instruction and Learning Experiences – to add value for your stakeholders rather than potentially subtract value.


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