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Welcome to the EPPIC Inc. QR Code Landing Page!

From here you can explore Guy W. Wallace’s Blog – and the rest of the EPPIC web site – including the Resources Pages with hundreds of “For Free” Resources – and links to many “For a Fee” Resources!

Basic Info

Guy W. Wallace

  • President/Owner, EPPIC Inc. (since 2002)
  • Former Partner at Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997) and at CADDI Inc. (1997-2002)
  • External Consultant in Performance Improvement and performance-based Instructional Design – served over 60 firms including more than 45 Fortune 500 firms, plus government agencies such as NASA, NSA, NAVSEA, NAVAIR and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and non-US firms such as BP-America, Siemens, Opel (General Motors), and Network Systems International (AT&T).
  • CPT – Certified Performance Technologist (2002-2014)
  • Professional Biography Listed in Who’s Who in America – 2001
  • Recipient of ISPI’s Honorary Life Member Award – 2010
  • Inaugural Member of ASQ’s Influential Voices – 2010

Basic Contact Info

  • Mobile phone: 704- 746- 5126
  • Email: guy.wallace@eppic.biz


EPPIC Videos on the Web

EPPIC Presentations on SlideShare

 The QR Code

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