Guy W. Wallace’s Awards & Recognition

Guy W. Wallace has received the following Awards and Recognition

Great Minds in Learning

I feel that the following was recognition worthy of including on this page.

I am honored to have been included in John Helmer and Donald Clark’s recent podcast in the Great Minds in Learning where they talked about WorkFlow Learning, and mentioned me, Dick Clark, Bob Mosher & Conrad Gottfredson, Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein, and Charles Jennings.

Listen to it here:

Visit their website – for other podcasts in this series – here.

ISPI—International Society for Performance Improvement

  • Received ISPI’s Honorary Life Member Award in April 2010.
  • Presidential Citation – ISPI April 2010.
  • Presidential Citation – ISPI April 2009.
  • Recruited as an ISPI Instructional Systems Professional Community Thought Leader 2004.
  • Pursuing Performance—The CADDI Newsletter.
    A quarterly newsletter featuring CADDI staff authors and quest authors including Geary A. Rummler, Dale Brethower, Miki Lane, Pierre Mourier, and PACT Process practitioners, trained by Guy Wallace and the CADDI staff.
    Outstanding Instructional Communication, ISPI  Awards of Excellence 2001-2002
  • Lean-ISD – A book presenting the details of the PACT Processes for T&D including Curriculum Architecture Design. Outstanding Instructional Communication, ISPI  Awards of Excellence 2001-2002.
  • Service Award – ISPI – April 2002.
  • NS 1251 – Product Management Process Training (an eight-day course for AT&T Network Systems and Network Systems International Product Managers). This project was one of many performance-based training products built after the conduct of the Curriculum Architecture Design project in 1986. This keystone course was preceded, in the Curriculum Path, by a multitude of short T&D Modules to bring the learners up to a common point. NS 1251 then engaged the 20 learners in a systematic buildup of their knowledge and skills in team leading/team building, business case and business plan development, financial planning and analysis, time management, risk analysis and management, and group process decision-making. The NS 1251 simulation exercise, the heart of the eight-day course, took five days for lectures and exercises and focused on the five phases of the product life cycle.
    Finalist – Best Instructional Product, ISPI (NSPI) Awards of Excellence 1989–90.
  • Presidential Citation – April 1983.
  • Certificate of Appreciation – Michigan Society for Instructional Technology 1979.

ASQ – American Society for Quality

  • Recruited as an inaugural member of ASQ’s Influential Voices campaign in 2010.


Change Healthcare

  • Guy conducted his 75th Curriculum Architecture Design effort for Healthcare Representatives position in 2013 that led to the development of performance-based Instruction that reduced turnover significantly, and that received an award from ATD for my client in 2014.

General Motors

  • General Motors Corporation’s MFD (Metal Fabrication Division) Tool and Die Supervisors College was awarded the 1998 Chairman’s Award Given by  General Motors Corporation CEO Jack Smith, recognizes one of the “best of the best” global business initiatives in 1998 that has helped to move the business forward. Each division within General Motors, whether in North America or in other countries, has an opportunity to win the award. The College received the honor for the structured recruiting process and the rigorous training and development Curriculum Architecture Design facilitated by Guy W. Wallace, that prepares new supervisors for a very skillful and challenging job.

Hewlett Packard

  • Guy’s HP client, Christine Westall, worked with Guy to learn the process and techniques of the Curriculum Architecture Design methodology, on her 3rd project with Guy, and then had the Darryl Sink organization build the content per the T&D Path produced by Guy and Christine. It won an award from ISPI in 1995 – and was written up by HP:  1995 ISPI Award for ROI – HP and Darryl Sink development based on Guys CAD work

Imperial Oil

  • Our client won an award from ISPI for our Curriculum Architecture Design and Course Development work for Retail Operations Management and Sales. 1998.

Siemens Building Technologies

  • Our client’s “Time to Performance” effort in the late 1990s for critical field positions included certifying job holders for certain critical job performance capabilities. Using the PACT Processes we conducted analysis and design and then developed both classroom and on-the-job support tools, a battery of certification/qualification tests that were all performance tests (no written tests), and the administrative systems to support both the roll-out and the ongoing management by both the field and headquarters. Our client won an Internal President’s Quality Award.

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