Case Studies: EPPIC’s Methodologies/ Processes

As noted on each Case Study PDF – the situation, response and results – may be for work done while Guy was at SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997), or at CADDI (1997-2002), or at EPPIC (2002-today).

All methods and tools used these client projects are the exclusive property of Guy W. Wallace.

EPPIC Case Study – Eli Lilly Global Clinical Trials CAD post Six Sigma Effort – a Six Sigma effort that did not generate the Task and enabling Knowledge/Skills data needed for Instructional Design efforts – for either a Curriculum Architecture or an ADDIE-level of Course development.

EPPIC Case Study – NNSY CAD 2003 – a Curriculum Architecture Design effort for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard addressing the development of Production department Supervisors and Zone Managers T&D Paths. The shipyard admiral declared that this was the approach that the US Navy should use.

EPPIC Case Study – Verizon 7 Call Centers CAD – reduced the total amount of training days across 7 regions from 338 days to 187 days (average from 48.2 per site to 26.7) designing 1,888 content objects (Instructional Activities – not Learning Objects) with 1,444 shared and 447 unique.

EPPIC Case Study – General Motors Engineering Job Re-Engineering – effort to use the analysis methodology to design three jobs where two had existed. moving certain tasks to the lower paying job and moving more sophisticated tasks from the lowest to the middle; engineering management forecasted a 360:1 ROI for the $500,000 invested in the redesign or the jobs and all of the associated training that had to be redone when it existed  and developed where there were gaps.

EPPIC Case Study – Siemens Building Technologies Time to Performance – we developed Performance Tests and the administrative system to accelerate time to performance using the field master Performers – this won their annual President’s Quality Award.

EPPIC Case Study – Imperial Oil Retail Site CAD – this Management T&D designed/developed returned $18MM over a two year period for a 540:1 ROI and the effort won an award at ISPI for our clients.

EPPIC Case Study – General Motors 4 Manufacturing Supervisors CAD Combined – sharing content at the CAD level before development across 4 supervisor groups increased course sharing from 11 to 78 saving $800,000.00 from the $1.4MM originally budgeted.

EPPIC Case Study – Bandag Material Flow 1998 – We conducted analysis and design activities and developed a four-day classroom experience designed to teach the attendees the concepts, the tools and techniques, and how to implement “Material Flow.” In one of the first shops trained, after only the first day they were up and running at full speed and produced 30 percent more product at a 20 percent cost savings. Results elsewhere have been similar.

EPPIC Case Study – Bank of America Branch Staff and Management CAD – reduced turnover in the Teller position by 30%.

EPPIC Case Study – General Motors MFD Supervisors College – this project won the GM Chairman’s Award in 1998 – one of only a few training efforts to ever do so.

EPPIC Case Study – ATT Network System – the financial organization calculated a 547% ROI for this effort to create a 8-day new Product Manager Basic Process Training course. This effort also won an ISPI award.

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