T&D: Combating Birth Order Nonsense in the T&D Profession

A Few Weeks Ago

I saw some tips on how to use Birth Order as part of a T&D Icebreaker. It was posted by one of our key sources (supposedly) for good practices in the T&D domain.

As my Bullshit Meter was – as always – set to high gain – it immediately went off.

And I went on to The Google to search. It was way too easy to find research that disputes this notion of Birth Order having some other meaning or value – other than, as at our house, determining who gets to go first or last in family events.

From: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4655522/#

Examining the effects of birth order on personality

The question of whether a person’s position among siblings has a lasting impact on that person’s life course has fascinated both the scientific community and the general public for >100 years. By combining large datasets from three national panels, we confirmed the effect that firstborns score higher on objectively measured intelligence and additionally found a similar effect on self-reported intellect.


However, we found no birth-order effects on extraversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, or imagination. This finding contradicts lay beliefs and prominent scientific theories alike and indicates that the development of personality is less determined by the role within the family of origin than previously thought.

Can Our Professional Sources Please Quit Embarrassing Themselves – And The Rest Of Us?


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L&D: Tuesday L&D Processes Audit 34: T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/ Succession Process

T&D Process 10.1: T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/
Succession Process

Note: In my 2001 book I continued my decades old name for the profession as T&D – Training & Development.

Convert for your use as necessary. I will use both T&D and L&D in this weekly series for 2018.


Not all loose processes need to be tightened up.

You should only do that Investment if the Returns warrant.


Learning By Design vs Learning By Chance

When the Cost of Non-Conformance of poor Process/people Performance warrants the Investment in T&D/ Learning/Knowledge Management Content – then make those investments.

And – just because an L&D profession can determine a valid Learning Need and gap in Content – does not in and of itself warrant meeting that need – in any manner.

It’s a Business Decision. 


The L-C-S Framework View

I use both views…


Overview of the Big Picture


T&D Process 10.1: T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/
Succession Process

Process Purpose

The T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/Succession Process seeks applicants and screens candidates for defined jobs/positions.


Process Description

The T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/Succession Process fills the organization chart with names for the various role/job responsibilities within all of the T&D processes (the 47 processes of the 12 systems presented in this book).

Once this systems and processes view has been adapted, the processes have been articulated, and the workload has been assessed, then the staffing plan can be completed. This process fulfills the human assets that are required, whether via a permanent employee strategy, an outsourcing strategy, or a combination of the two.

Job management and team members, if appropriate, conduct the final selection evaluation for overall personal and organizational fit.


For More About This Process In the T&D Systems View

See my 2001 book: T&D Systems View.


Click on image to link to the download page.

T&D Systems View is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.

This 2018 Weekly Series Continues Next Tuesday

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EPPIC w Gopher Logo

T&D: What’s Old Is New Again

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Marketing has a need to refresh and shift tried and true – and sometimes bogus – concepts, theories, models, methods, tools and techniques – in order to sell, sell, sell.


So they change the name. And market it as “brand spanking new” or “new and improved.”

And what might get lost – with that shift – is all of the lessons learned of “what to do, when and how” and “what not to do when and how” from the experiences of the past.

And that’s the issue as I see it.

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T&D: A Performance-Based Mantra

It’s All About Developing Performance Competence

When clients ask for Learning/Training – your questions clarifying their request should at some point get to “How” it will be applied back on the job.


As in “what Tasks leading to what Outputs meeting which Stakeholder Requirements” should we focus on for each target audience?

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