T&D: Performance in ISD

PACT Is All About Performance in ISD

I’ve been doing ISD since 1979 – and my methods evolved into the PACT Processes.


CAD is for producing modularized T&D Paths.


And just as architecture is followed by build & buy efforts, so does PACT.


MCD is for producing modularized T&D Events.


PACT Analysis uncovers the non-Knowledge/Skill issues affecting current state Performance.


Tons of free resources are available – and a few for a fee resources are available as well.


Check it out in the Resources Tab.

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L&D: My Micro-Micro Training Series for L&D/T&D Professionals

Micro-Monday’s Quick Tips From My Decades of Practice in Training

MMTS W1- (30)

And there’s even more in my 1999 book: “lean-ISD” – available as a Free PDF and as a Kindle or Paperback: here.

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L&D: Tuesday L&D Processes Audit 42: T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process

T&D Process 10.9: T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process

Note: In my 2001 book I continued my decades old name for the profession as T&D – Training & Development.

Convert for your use as necessary. I will use both T&D and L&D in this weekly series for 2018.


Not all loose processes need to be tightened up.

You should only do that Investment if the Returns warrant.


Learning By Design vs Learning By Chance

When the Cost of Non-Conformance of poor Process/people Performance warrants the Investment in T&D/ Learning/Knowledge Management Content – then make those investments.

And – just because an L&D profession can determine a valid Learning Need and gap in Content – does not in and of itself warrant meeting that need – in any manner.

It’s a Business Decision. 


The L-C-S Framework View

I use both views…


Overview of the Big Picture


T&D Process 10.9: T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process

Process Purpose

The T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process acquires and delivers all consumable materials and supplies necessary for T&D operations.


Process Description

The T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process ensures that the material and supply needs of the T&D system are being met.

For More About This Process In the T&D Systems View

See my 2001 book: T&D Systems View.


Click on image to link to the download page.

T&D Systems View is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.

This 2018 Weekly Series Continues Next Tuesday

For Past Series Posts search this site using: “Tuesday L&D Processes Audit”

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T&D: My Recent HPT Series Videos

While I am currently distracted – working on my 75th CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design (since 1982) – and not writing and posting as often – I thought I’d offer you these recent videos of other HPT – Human Performance Technology – practitioners.

Matthew Richter

Stephanie Moore

Paul Elliott

Will Thalheimer

Dave Ferguson

Bob Horn

These next 2 were shot in 2014 – by friend and colleague Gary DePaul – but only edited and published by me in 2018.

Mike Blahnik

Dale Brethower

I have a half dozen or so arrangements with other HPT Practitiones for additional videos – but I have deferred doing those until after my current CAD project concludes.

See the full index in my video series – here. There are currently 69 videos in the two series: HPT Practitioners and HPT Legacy.

What’s a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design?

The short answer…

Curriculum Architecture Design efforts producing performance-based Learning Paths and determine gaps in your existing formal and informal content and performance support projects

A longer answer…

It’s one of 3 levels of Instructional Design – or Instructional Systems Design – in my PACT Processes for ISD. All 3 levels of design are fed by a common approach to Analysis.


A little more Visual Detail…


CAD efforts often proceed Development efforts – such as MCD or IAD…


CAD efforts are akin to designing an office complex – and then building it out, priority by priority.

From my 1985 Presentation at the NSPI (now ISPI) Conference…


For even more information about CAD, please go – here.

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