1st Three School of PACT Video Podcasts Now Available.

The School of PACT – is “in VIDEO PODCAST session” – anytime you need it/ want it/ gotta have it!

We begin the series with a Podcast Introduction to The PACT Processes. Then a Podcast overview of the 4 Phases of a CAD effort. Then another Podcast with an additional level of detail about “7 Steps for processing of the analysis data” in the Phase 3 – Design – DTM: Design Team Meeting.

All are presented in Blog Post form: with instructional design wrapped around the Video Podcast in terms of preparation for viewing, and what one might do post-viewing. To learn and master and someday coach others. And all are available on Google Video so one might download their own personal copies.

There are over 12 planned in the series.

PACT is: ISD/ ID/ SAT – Instructional Systems Design/ Instructional Design/ Systematic Approach to Training. PACT includes and is much more than A-D-D-I-E.

PACT is based on a data logic, reducing the wasted efforts at unfocused analysis and design and development – reducing/eliminating “unnecessary costs” – both first costs and life cycle costs.

My book: lean-ISD covers the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management – and is available as a free 404-page PDF at http://www.eppic.biz/

A PDF copy of the first national presentation of the CAD methods using a Group Process, from 1985, is available here.


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