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This page is all about Guy W. Wallace’s Consulting Clients … at his 3 consulting firms from 1982 until Today.

This page also includes links to several EPPIC Methodologies/ Processes Case Studies from 11 Past Client Projects – located here.

And this page includes both Client and Partner Testimonials. See below.

Finally this page also Links to Over 200 Short “Project Overviews” including project titles, a brief overview, and the year the effort was conducted – organized by Client Name:


Guy’s 83 Clients  –  Since 1982

Overviews for many of these projects is available above via the links.

And the number of Projects (#) done for each …   

  1. Abbott Laboratories (3)
  2. ALCOA (2)
  3. ALCOA Labs (2)
  4. Alyeska Pipeline Services Company (3)
  5. American Management Systems (1)
  6. Ameritech (1)
  7. Amoco Corporation (13)
  8. Apotex (1)
  9. Arthur Andersen (1)
  10. ARCO of Alaska (3)
  11. AT&T (4)
  12. AT&T Communications (1)
  13. AT&T Microelectronics (1)
  14. AT&T Network Systems (25)
  15. AT&T Network Systems International (7)
  16. Bandag (11)
  17. Bank of America (2)
  18. Bath Fitter (1)
  19. Baxter (1)
  20. Bellcore Tech (1)
  21. British Petroleum-America (1)
  22. Burroughs (1)
  23. Change Healthcare (1)
  24. Chamberlin Edmonds – Emdeon (1)
  25. Channel Gas Industries/Tenneco (1)
  26. Commerce Clearing House (1)
  27. Data General (1)
  28. Detroit Ball Bearing (1)
  29. Digital Equipment Corporation (2)
  30. Discover Card (1)
  31. Dow Chemical (4)
  32. EDS (1)
  33. Eli Lilly (9)
  34. Exxon Exploration (2)
  35. Federal Express (1)
  36. Fireman’s Fund Insurance (3)
  37. Ford Design Institute (1)
  38. Ford Motor Company (1)
  39. General Dynamics (12)
  40. General Motors (25)
  41. GP Strategies (1)
  42. GTE (1)
  43. H&R Block (1)
  44. Hewlett Packard (5)
  45. Illinois Bell (5)
  46. Imperial Bondware (1)
  47. Imperial Oil (1)
  48. J.K. Somers & Associates (2)
  49. Johnson Controls (1)
  50. Kodak (1)
  51. Lockheed (1)
  52. Lucent (3)
  53. MCC Powers (18)
  54. Motorola (1)
  55. Multigraphics (1)
  56. NASA (1)
  57. NASCO (1)
  58. NAVAIR (1)
  59. NAVSEA (2)
  60. NCR (2)
  61. Norfolk Naval Shipyard (4)
  62. Northern Telecom (1)
  63. Northern Trust Bank (1)
  64. NOVA (2)
  65. Novacor (1)
  66. NSA (1)
  67. Occidental Petroleum Labs (1)
  68. Opel (1)
  69. Pacific Gas & Electric (1)
  70. Performance Design Lab (1)
  71. Quaker (1)
  72. Qualitest (1)
  73. Siemens Building Technologies (1)
  74. Spartan Stores (1)
  75. Sphinx Pharmaceuticals (1)
  76. Square D Company (2)
  77. SunTrust Banks (2)
  78. Valuemetrics (1)
  79. Verizon (3)
  80. Verizon Information Services (1)
  81. Wells Fargo Advisors (1)
  82. Westinghouse Defense Electronics (1)
  83. ZS Associates (1)

Plus several additional clients who contractually must remain anonymous.

Here are some overviews … for most all of these projects…

Links to Over 250 Short “Project Overviews”

– Organized by: Client Name

These short Project Overviews include project titles, a brief overview, and the year the effort was conducted.


11 Project Case Studies

… are located here.

These Case Studies include Guy’s award winning projects with AT&T (1986), General Motors (1998), Hewlett-Packard (2002), Imperial Oil (1998), and Siemens (1999).

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The following are from Guy’s clients – some going back into the 1980s… clients from Svenson & Wallace Inc – and from CADDI Inc – to those from EPPIC Inc.

PACT Processes – In General

Carol Nicks, Workforce Development, GTE/Verizon says, “The speed with which CADDI completed the project was truly amazing, but what is more important is the outcome. The design reflects the strong sales focus that my client required; the overall time was significantly reduced; and because skills application is frequent, I believe the performance and preparation for the job will be significantly improved. I, and more importantly, my clients, couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

Randy Kohout, Bank of America/Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company says, “One of the most exciting and beneficial aspects of the PACT Processes is the partnership that develops between the Steering Teams and the training and development department. The scheduled process gate reviews drive the ongoing communications, instill line ownership of the results, and ensure that training and development continues to focus on the right business objectives.”

Gretcha Flinn and Marlene Frederick, Amoco/ Eli Lilly and Company say, “We have applied the CADDI process for several years in a variety of situations.  The process has been valuable to our clients and has been a best practice and trademark for our training and development operation.”

Elaine Cook, Raytheon Training Company (GM contractor) says, “I began taking the training simultaneous with joining my new company.  In retrospect, I firmly believe this was the best way for me to learn the processes and begin to use them in my role as Sr. Project Manager.  The processes provide a solid architectural structure within which to lead my customers as we develop performance-based curricula.  I’ve completed all training in the PACT Processes and have lead a team through the first three phases of a major MC (CAD) Process.  I anticipate moving into one or more MI (MCD) processes to begin actual course development for the same project.  All PACT Processes are detailed, flexible, and truly “self-healing.”  If a key detail is overlooked, it will be captured using these processes.  The structure allows for and supports creativity in identifying, addressing, and meeting customer needs while maintaining instructional integrity.  I hope to see this model referenced in our graduate ISD programs!”

Guy at Eli Lilly in 1995 speaking on Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD)

Jennefer Bowman, Raytheon Training Company (GM contractor) says, “The PACT Process is a very comprehensive training and development methodology.  At times it’s easy to get lost in all the details, but I’ve been very pleased with the end results.”

Barb Koch, Raytheon Training Company (GM contractor) says, “It’s a VERY rigorous process that gathers great data and (perhaps best of all) is defensible from a business perspective.”

John Stolter, Performance Innovations, Inc. (GM contractor) says, “CADDI’s PACT Processes embody the fundamental principles of instructional technology. More importantly, the processes have a built-in project management scheme that makes it easy to use and easy to track and communicate progress. Finally, the processes also enable the customer to make key business decisions along the way, never assuming that training is the only answer. In short, the PACT Processes are ISD, project management, and ROI business decision-making all rolled into one rich, easy-to-use process.”

PACT Analysis

Barb Koch, Raytheon Training Company (GM contractor) says, “It’s a VERY rigorous process that gathers great data and (perhaps best of all) is defensible from a business perspective.”

Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD)

Dennis Smith, MCC Powers/ Siemens Building Technologies says, “At a time when everyone is ‘chunking’ content, the PACT Process clarifies the relationship between chunks of content as well as specifying the chunk itself. The value of the PACT Processes is that we get an integrated architecture that enables us to select and prioritize learning solution development for both the short and long term. In a business that needs to address market/product change, with PACT the organization knows what to keep, what to change, and what to build.”

Modular Curriculum Development (MCD)

Christie Westall, Hewlett Packard says, “We’ve been able to reuse the same basic course design for new functional areas. With the structure we’ve created, people without instructional design experience—process owners—can often edit the basic content within the curriculum training materials without having to do a redesign of the course or curriculum. It saves time and money, produces a better product, and raises their comfort level.”

After developing a 19-day training course in four weeks and after three deliveries, Cindy Witto, McLeodUSA says, “We have decided there is no possible way we could have been successful without the upfront planning we did with CADDI using the CAD process.”

Mark Bade, Bade & Associates says, “What was significant for me as a developer was having the project’s decision-makers involved up-front.  That helped set direction early and minimized revisions later in the project.  As a result, I found myself without much to do during the revision phase.”

Steve Muller, SMA Consulting says, “The AT&T Call Center project reminded me of the city and state maps on the Internet.  In the design and development we were working at a ‘street level’ with lots of and precise content.  But the beauty of the PACT is that we could literally ‘zoom out’ to a picture view of the entire project.  This let us make critical decisions about to design the learning and to ensure that they included the right content that linked to what people actually needed to do on the job.

The design and development phase of the AT&T Call Center project was anchored in an upfront analysis that involved achieving a consensus on the content by subject matter experts and master performers.  As a result, we were able to complete the development and evaluation phases with almost no rework.

I was continually amazed at how subject matter experts were able to sort course content.  Because they became adept at filtering the ‘nice to know’ from the ‘need to know,’ we were able to optimize the design and development phase and reduce the time new learners spend in training.”

Instructional Activity Development (IAD)

Mark A. King, MCC Powers/ Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. says, “The PACT Process and its embedded qualification system really support the philosophy of mastery learning in that it focuses on identifying the actual job performance required to meet specific business needs. The focus is placed on the tasks workers actually perform rather than on paper and pencil knowledge tests.”

PACT Practitioners and Clients at ISPI 1998

Sharing their Experiences, their Efforts and their Results with Guy’s PACT Processes for Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

These Clients, in my session at ISPI in 1998, presented on the efforts we conducted with them. They were from Amoco, Bandag, Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Imperial Oil (of Canada).

All of them were Guy’s clients at either CADDI Inc. – or before that at SWI Inc.

Thanks to my clients from Amoco, Bandag, Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Imperial Oil (of Canada).

All of these were Guy’s clients at either CADDI Inc. – or before that at SWI Inc.

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