Client Project Overviews: V-W-X-Y-Z

Valuemetrics, Inc.  

  • Associate and Senior Associate Curriculum Architecture Design. Guy’s 53rd performance-based CAD project where the target audiences included associates of a consulting firm specializing in business valuations and their requirements for both Instruction and Information (Procedures Documentation). 1995. 


  • Targeting Enterprise Process Performance Improvement (T-EPPISM) for Call Center Management. This was my first expanded application of my EPPI model in a client project. The data was to be used to further target improvements and macro-design systems and process changes and then establish improvement plans, the “costs of conformance,” and ROI estimates for final targeting by the client’s leadership. 2001.
  • CAD: Curriculum Architecture Design: Consumer Sales Call Center Personnel. Guy’s 72nd CAD project. 2001. This was also an MCD (ADDIE/Development) effort where we reduced the total curriculum length for all seven regions, which originally each had their own unique sets of content, from 338 days to 187 days, designing 1,888 content objects (Instructional Activities) – 447 were shared, and 1,441 were unique to one of the seven regions. Approximately 75% of the content was the same for each of the 7 Paths.
  • MCD: Wholesale Billing Center Personnel. This project involved the analysis and design of more than 80 days of performance-based T&D for personnel at three call center locations. 2000.

Verizon Information Services

  • Redesign of the Initial Sales Training Curriculum for all sales staff and their requirements for both Instruction and Information (Procedures Documentation). 2005

Wells Fargo Advisors

  • Consulting and Curriculum Design facilitation for 3 days of workshop content for senior Wells Fargo Advisor audiences. 2010

Westinghouse Defense Electronics

  • WICAM/IAG Training Plan. Guy’s 5th performance-based CAD project where the focus was on the technical operators of a complex Computer Aided Design tool and their requirements for both Instruction and Information (Procedures Documentation). (A CAD on CAD! The first of several such CADs for CADs!). 1983.

ZS Associates

  • Assisted client with a planning session for analysis and design efforts. 2014.