All Things PACT and CAD

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The Long History of The PACT Processes and Curriculum Architecture Design

This page includes a large comprehensive, compilation of Articles, Presentations, Columns, Audio Podcasts, Video Podcasts and Books on the topics of PACT and CAD (CAD is a sub-set of PACT).

5 Key Methodology-Sets Comprise The PACT Processes

…for Engineering/Architecting  T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Content

These Resources about PACT, CAD and MCD/IAD are arranged in chronological order – from the latest to the earliest. Scroll from top to the bottom – or the bottom to the top. Click on graphics for a larger view – or to go the document itself.


  • Video: Curriculum Architecture Design: Architected or Artisan Process? – 25:33 minutes – here.
  • Video: Innovative Curriculum Architecture Design via The PACT Processes – 12:35 minutes – here.
  • Video: The Holy Grail of ReUse – of Training Content – 11:08 minutes – here.
  • Presentation: How to Plan and Conduct a Curriculum Architecture Design Effort – and Why – 82 page PDF of all of the slides from the 60 minute presentation at Training 2012 Conference:  – here.
  • Presentation: performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – 20 page PDF of the handouts from a 90 minute session at ISPI Central Florida Chapter: – here.
  • Video: Lean-ISD – Via The PACT Processes for T&D – 1:32 hours/minutes  – here.


  • Books: updated and published – The Wallace 6-Pack – updates and reconfiguration of “lean-ISD” – “T&D Systems View” – “Management Areas of Performance” – see graphic below and get more information – here.
  • VideoThe PACT Processes – 10:21 minutes – here.

The PACT  Video Shorts – The PACT and EPPI Processes and Methods 

– These are organized under the title: The School of PACT – and The School of EPPI – and are made available for use to all who properly credit their sources as: Guy W. Wallace. All rights reserved!

The PACT Video Shorts Series

The School of PACT: Video Series – eventually there will be over 50 Videos on various aspects of The PACT Processes for Training & Development, Learning and Knowledge Management. New in the Fall of 2011. For management, analysts and designers of performance-based T&D/L&D for positive performance impact.

The 50+ Videos are organized into the following 8 clusters:

Please go here for access to this series of videos – on this site.


  • VideoGuy W Wallace – ISPI 2009 – Project Planning and Management of ISD and HPT Efforts – the approach used to teach PACT Project Planners & Managers – from my 90 minutes session at ISPI 2009 – 1:24 hours/minutes – here.


  • Book:  Co-authored with Ray Svenson – “Employee Performance-based Qualification/Certification Systems” – an example of an PACT IAD project based on work done for 18 technical populations in 1987 in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, in 1994 on the Alaska Pipeline and for Branch management, sales and technical personnel for an HVAC/Energy Management firm, and other organizations.  – here.
  • Audio Podcasts: 12 Podcasts on aspects of The PACT Processeshere.


  • Article: Published in ASTD Links on Curriculum Architecture Design – here.


  • Video: Performance Modeling – Guy presenting at the 99 Seconds Session at the ISPI 2000 Conference  2:36 minutes – here.
  • Job Aid/Article: Performance Modeling – 99 Seconds online archive at ISPI – here.

Appropriate ReUse of performance-based Instructional and Informational Content Is a Key Goal of The PACT Processes


  • Book: leanISD – here.
  • Testimonials/Book Reviews: – here. These include reviews/quotes from:
    • Geary A. Rummler (a mentor, collaborator on a couple of client projects, and colleague from NSPI/ISPI)
    • Miki Lane (a colleague from NSPI/ISPI)
    • Jim Russell (a colleague from NSPI/ISPI)
    • John Swinney (a client and colleague from NSPI/ISPI)
    • Randy Kohout (client)
  • ArticleDebriefing PACT Processes – 6 page article from the 1999 CADDI Newsletter “Pursuing Performance” on the debriefing process for the Analysis and Design Teams in the PACT Processes for Training & Development, Learning and Knowledge Management projects. – here.


  • Video: “leanISD” – Presentation at Training 1998 in Atlanta – 53:24 minutes – here.
  • Presentation: on “leanISD” – at Training 1998 in Atlanta – here.


  • Video: PACT Process Testimonials from General Motors University – produced by General Motors OED organization overview the adapted (and licensed) PACT Processes (known at GM as the MC/MI Processes – Modular Curriculum and Modular Instruction Processes) – 11:37 minutes – here.


  • Video: Guy W Wallace at Eli Lilly in 1995 on Curriculum Architecture Design – Presentation by Guy to the T&D Staff of Eli Lilly (2 hrs/2 min) of his NSPI Presentation from the ISPI Spring Conference in 1995:  – here.


  • Article: The Detailed Project Plan – published in the Svenson & Wallace, Inc. newsletter: Management Update – in the Summer of 1992. – here.

CAD Efforts lead to MCD/IAD Efforts


  • Video: 1989 – Overviewing the Curriculum Architecture for AT&T NS Product Managers – Client produced (script co-written by Guy) as the first T&D Event on the T&D Path for AT&T Network Systems Product Managers from the 1986 CAD effort, updated in 1989 and 1991. – 9:19 minutes – here.


  • Presentation: “Curriculum Architecture Design – via a Group Process” – the first National presentation on Curriculum Architecture Design – NSPI Conference April 1985 – here.


  • Presentation: “Curriculum Architecture Design – via a Group Process” – the first Presentation on Curriculum Architecture Design – via a Group Process – at the Chicago NSPI Fall Conference – will post if/when I find this version – which was also delivered the next spring at the NSPI Conference in 1985.
  • Article: “How To Build a Structure That Won’t Keep Burning Down” – 6 pages of the first published article and reference on Curriculum Architecture: published in Training Magazine – September 1984:  – here.
  • Article: “Developing Performance‐based Curriculum Architecture Using a Group Process” – the 30 pages submitted to Training Magazine – here.
  • Article: “Using a Group Process to Create Models and Matrices” – the first published article on the Analysis methods that became the analysis methods for PACT (and EPPI) – NSPI Performance & Instruction Journal article November 1984:  – here.


  • Photo: From Guy’s First Curriculum Architecture Design project – Exxon Exploration USA for Geologists and Geophysicists: The T&D Blueprint (pre-dates use of the term “Path” as one of the key outputs of a CAD effort) and was produced by an architectural supply firm on Blueprint paper.  – here.

The PACT Processes are “All About” Performance 1st – Learning 2nd

About Guy W. Wallace and the PACT Processes

Guy started developing the PACT Processes – as a set of ISD methodologies in a predictable set of  Processes – in mid 1982 – when he assisted Karen Kennedy (his wife) and Ray Svenson on two weekends – in their project with Exxon to take the analysis data and create a Curriculum Architecture for two audiences – in 7 Regions of Exxon USA Exploration – who were exploring for oil in many different geological contexts (the sands of west Texas, the Rockies, the tundra of Alaska, and off-shore to name a few).  He left Motorola’s Training and Education Center in October and joined Ray and Karen at what later became SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. – where he was a 1/3 equity owner and where he continued the development of what became PACT – and developing the methods, and tools and techniques for the SWI staff and sub-contractors on SWI’s CAD projects.

He also began the book in 1983 was to become “lean-ISD” – but titled those early 1980 drafts as “The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook” which was to treat Instructional Products as any engineered set of products – needing to work as a system of instruction – and not some series of one-off efforts.

In 1990 he developed the formal MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition (initially known as CCD – Custom Course Development) methods and processes – to insure that CAD projects that lead to ADDIE-like methods would use (or reuse) the analysis data and knowledge/skill data in a facilitated manner – just as the CAD default approach was to use teams of Master Performers and others in a facilitated, Group Process, that sped the analysis and design efforts and made them more authentic AND appropriate to the learners’/Performers’ incoming K/S variances and their Performance Context variances.

In 1998 SWI broke up (due to a divorce of two of the three partners) and he formed CADDI Inc. as the majority owner – bringing his ownership – as a result of the negotiated settlement of proprietary and copyrighted assets and tools – of the PACT Processes. CADDI broke up in 2002 and he moved to NC from Chicago to continue with EPPIC Inc. where he continues conducting PACT and other non-Instructional  Performance Improvement efforts for his clients, and teaching the project planning and management, analysis and CAD design and MCD/IAD design methods to his clients in internal formal workshops and informal coaching sessions.

Guy and his work have been recognized by clients and professional organizations, including:

  • being the recipient of ISPI’s Honorary Life Member Award in 2010
  • and was recruited as a founding member of the ASQ Influential Voices Program in 2010.

Other awards and recognition Guy has received are provided – here.

Testimonials from Clients, trained/certified Practitioners are provided – here.

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