Guy W. Wallace

Guy W. Wallace is a semi-retired Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect.

He is still available for

  • ISD/LXD Staff Development
  • ISD/LXD Analysis-Design-Development Process Improvement
  • ISD/LXD Project Consultations

efforts via virtual means.

Reach Guy via Email:    -and-    via his Mobile Phone: 704-746-5126

In 2010 Guy was the recipient of the Honorary Life Member Award from ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement – its highest award requiring unanimous approval by two successive boards – for his contributions to both the technology of Performance Improvement and his contributions to the Society.

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As an ISD consultant he has worked with over 80 clients since 1982. Prior to that he worked in training functions for Motorola 1981-1982, and before that, for Wickes Lumber 1979-1981.

And he and his teams over the years have won awards for their work at AT&T, Change Healthcare, General Motors, HP, Imperial Oil, and Siemens Building Technologies.

He is the author of 17 books and over 100 published articles. His informative Blog Posts number just over 4,500 and his Blog followers number over 4,400.

His 1999 “lean-ISD” book  received an ISPI Award of Excellence for Instructional Communications in 2002.

He has presented more than 125 times at international conferences and at local chapters of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), and at BPM– Business Process Management, the Conference for Nuclear Training & Education (CONTE), Midwest Nuclear Training Association, Association for  Behavior Analysis, ASEE, and several Lakewood-Training Conferences, since 1983.

Guy has presented to ISPI chapters 41 times since his first back in November 1982; and he has conducted over 60 presentations and workshops at ISPI conferences since his first in 1985.

Guy was the treasurer and an executive director on the 1999–2000 board of ISPI – International Society for Performance Improvement, and was later elected to the position of President-Elect for 2002-2003, serving as ISPI’s President for 2003-2004.

His professional biography was listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who In America in 2001.

Guy was designated a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) in 2002. He last renewed the CPT in 2014.

He was recruited in 2004 as an ISPI Professional Community Thought Leader for the Instructional Systems ProComm.

Guy was recruited in 2010 by ASQ as a founding member of its Influential Voices campaign to raise the Voice of Quality. He served in that role for 5 years until 2015.

Guy was recruited for the Learning & Development Accelerator’s Executive Advisory Board in 2020; and was asked to become an IBSTPI Scholar in 2021.

Guy is now semi-retired – but is still available for interesting consulting engagements focused on Performance Improvement efforts, and ISD/LXD Staff & Process Development.


Guy’s Consulting Background

Guy was a partner at the consulting firm of SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc 1982-1997 when he joined the late Ray Svenson’s firm where he helped grow the firm from 3 consultants and two staff members to a team that ranged over the years between 15 and 52 total staff.

Guy was then the founding partner at CADDI Inc. 1997-2002 where he oversaw a consulting and office production staff ranging in number from 12 to 20.

Guy founded EPPIC Inc. in 2002 to operate as a solo practitioner leveraging his growing network of seasoned practitioners familiar with his methodologies.

Guy on Video and Audio Podcasts

See: Guy on video – here. Videos going back to 1989.

Hear: Guy on Audio – here. Audio Podcasts going back to 2007.

Guy Being Interviewed

Read: Guy being interviewed – here. Printed on paper and online – going back to 2005.

Guy’s Latest Professional Biographies (2021)

GWW Prof Biography – Abbreviated 2021-01 – 4 pages.

GWW Prof Biography – Detailed 2021-01 – 32 pages.

Guy was interviewed in early 2020 by colleague Gary DePaul for Guy’s own HPT Video Series, which he started in 2008, and he now has 150 videos of HPT – Human Performance Technology practitioners discussing their HPT practices.

This video is 36:29 minutes in length.

Guy’s Most Prestigious Award

In 2010 Guy was the recipient of the Honorary Life Member Award from ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement – for his contributions to both the technology of Performance Improvement and his contributions of the Society.

ISPI Honorary Life Member Award 2010 Wallace

Guy on Video and Audio Podcasts

Guy has been captured on video and audio podcasts numerous times.

  • For Guy on video – please go to this page.
  • For Guy on audio – please go to this page.

LinkedIn Testimonial

From Richard E. Clark, Ed.D, APA Fellow, Professor and Director, Center for Cognitive Technology, University of Southern California.

Dick’s LinkedIn Recommendation in 2009 for Guy:

“My university research center concentrates on R&D in evidence-based performance improvement and one of our goals is to keep track of the activities of top professionals. Guy Wallace constantly appears on our radar as the best current example of the consummate professional in our field. His broad experience, constant creativity, successful work for his clients and his original contributions to our field all sum together into a very impressive career. Guy has been working in the same field for a quarter century and he could easily rest on his past accomplishments. Yet he continues to create novel and exciting solutions for his clients. He invests considerable effort and so understands both best practice and the huge body of research and evaluation that supports practice.

He also spends quality time helping younger colleagues develop and works to advance our profession though professional organizations such as the International Society for Performance Improvement (where he was elected President a few years back) and the American Society for Training and Development. But what impresses me most about Guy is his ability to think clearly about very complex problems. He has an exceptional talent for stepping back from complex issues and generating simple solutions and insights that are both sensible and effective.”

– Dick Clark – June 28, 2009

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film

– University of Kansas, 1979

Print and Broadcast Journalism School

– Department of Defense Information School—DINFOS, 1973

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  • International Society for Performance Improvement – ISPI

– Local chapter and International Member since 1979

– Board of Directors – Treasurer/Executive Committee 1999-2001

– President-Elect 2002-2003

– President 2003-2004

– Instructional Systems Thought Leader (2004-2006)

– Honorary Life Member Award (2010) ISPI’s highest award

  • Charlotte Chapter – International Society for Performance Improvement

– Co-founder 2009, President-Elect 2009-2010

– President (2011)

  • Kansas City International Society for Performance Improvement – KCISPI (honorary member)
  • American Society for Training & Development – ASTD (now ATD)
  • Professional Biography listed in Who’s Who in America – 2001
  • Recruited as a founding member of the American Society for Quality – ASQ’s Influential Voices campaign to Raise the Voice of Quality – 2010-2015

A Couple of Additional Professional References

From: Client Randy Kohout

Vice President of Organization Capability, CUNA Mutual

Randy’s LinkedIn Recommendation for Guy:

“Guy is a true instructional design and performance improvement professional, author and practitioner. While I was working at Bank of America we commissioned Guy and his CADDI team to redesign the three retail bank learning and development programs into one high performing curriculum design.

As a result of this work we were able to reduce turnover at the frontline teller positions by an average of 30%.

Guy’s ethics and proven approach made the effort very cost effective and fast to implement. I would recommend Guy for his knowledge of human performance technology, for his client service focus and for his business ethics.

– Randy Kohout VP, CUNA Mutual Group – March 22, 2009

From: Client Jonathan White

Program Manager –  Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Jonathan’s LinkedIn Recommendation for Guy:

“Guy W. is a true professional with an awesome and robust, scalable process for designing training methodology. He was a tremendous asset to the Navy when I hired him and his process/product has moved the organization into developing 21st century training products”

– Jonathan White – March 3, 2009

And see Guy’s other LinkedIn Recommendations from his current and former clients – over 30 in number – here.

Meet The Founders & Experts – ISPI Global Network

Proud to be included in this august group of experts in Human Performance Technology.


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Guy W. Wallace – Performance Analyst & Instructional Architect


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