Video Series 07 – Go For Performance – Go For Performance Impact

ISD – Instructional Systems Design efforts should always Go for Performance Impact!

Here are some of my tips and techniques for achieving Performance Impact.


T&D: I believe in and practice detailed Project Planning for ISD efforts, demonstrating how I intend to manage ISD efforts to be done, for measurable results. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: I prefer to conduct ISD efforts in concert with a Project Steering Team, whose members have a vested interest in sustaining and/or improving Performance … in their organizational units. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: I prefer to conduct ISD Analysis and Design efforts using a Facilitated Group Process, with Master Performers and perhaps Other Subject Matter Experts, to have the right people, doing the right things, at the right time. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: In the Analysis Phase, I conduct 4 types of Analysis. #1- Target Audience Analysis. #2- Performance Analysis. #3- Enabling K/S Analysis. And 4- Exiting T&D Assessments to determine their reuse potential. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: In my Design efforts … I process the analysis data into designs of T&D Paths of modular T&D Events; designs of T&D Events of modular T&D Lessons, And then designs of T&D Lessons of modular Instructional Activities. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: I use formal Gate Review Meetings … with the Project Steering Team … to allow them to review and approve, or reject, or redirect the Analysis data and the Design specifications, before their use in the Development efforts. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: I always like to kick-off the Development efforts formally, in a meeting with the Lead Developer, all other developers, along with the assigned Master Performers and Other SMEs to review everyone’s specific assignments. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: Before Pilot Test sessions, I want the Development Team to conduct Alpha & Beta Testing in preparation for the critical Pilot Test to minimize obvious errors and omissions before that most critical quality assurance step. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: I conduct Pilot Tests as full destructive tests, to test the Instruction, under authentic conditions as close to those the Target Audiences will be under when they use the Job Aids, or when participate in Training efforts. Go for Performance Impact!


T&D: My Instructional Development Model or framework, used for planning and managing the ISD effort always starts with Phase 1- Project Planning & Kick-Off; 2- Analysis; 3- Design; 4- Development; 5- Pilot Testing; and finally, 6- Revision & Release. Go for Performance Impact!

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