LDA Giants Videos Series

LDA – Learning & Development Accelerator

This Video Series is intended to share the thoughts of Giants in the field of L&D that were captured on video in support of LDA’s LDC – Learning & Development Conference.

LDA is a global membership community to support professionals in L&D! The Learning Development Accelerator, known colloquially as LDA, brings professionals together to support and learn from each other, explores research-aligned practices, builds professional standing for the field, and advocates for all professionals in L&D.

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6 Videos from 2021

In this series for LDA’s LDC – Learning & Development Conference, we asked one question:

“What is ONE AREA OF RESEARCH that L&D Practitioners should all be aware of?

9 Videos from 2020

In this series for LDC in 2020, we asked 3 Questions:

1- What past research hasn’t been put into practice well enough?
2- What recent research should be put into practice as soon as possible?
3- What continuing myths in the field of L&D are most damaging and why?