3 Questions Answered By An L&D Giant: Patti Shank

Last year Mirjam Neelen and I supported the L&D Conference organized by Matt Richter and Will Thalheimer by producing 9 short videos, where we asked 3 Key Questions:

Patt Shank is an Instructional designer, analyst, author, and facilitator who writes about evidence-based workplace learning. She coaches trainers, instructional designers, instructors, and experts to build valuable instruction. Her new books include: Write and Organize for Deeper Learning and Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning, on Amazon.

Her typical consulting work includes analyzing learning environments and what is needed to make them work well. She enjoys researching, analyzing, and writing about what evidence (especially training, performance support, technology, and information design) says offers the best outcomes. She works with clients with difficult training and performance problems and helps L&D practitioners grow their skills via workshops and mentoring.

3 Questions Video

This video is 9:20 minutes in length.

Patti may be reached via LinkedIn – here.

LDA – The L&D Accelerator

LDA – is a new global membership community to support professionals in L&D! The Learning Development Accelerator, known colloquially as LDA, brings professionals together to support and learn from each other, explores research-aligned practices, builds professional standing for the field, and advocates for all professionals in L&D.

Check it out – here.


A Chat with Authors – Matt Richter

Matt and I chatted today over Zoom about his 2016 book: The Leadership Story – A New Model of Leadership.

This video is 9:06 minutes in length.

Some Links:

– the book is available as a paperback: http://www.thiagi.com/thiagi-store/paperback-the-leadership-story-a-new-model-for-leadership

– the book is available as a Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Leadership-Story-New-Model ebook/dp/B01MYOEE4I

– Matt at The Thiagi Group: www.thiagi.com

A Chat With Authors

A Video Podcast Series on Performance-based Instruction & Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction – hosted by Guy W. Wallace

I hope to discuss Author’s books and/or articles of relevance to practitioners in Instructional Development and in Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction, and explore related areas of interest with them. Series started in October 2020.

See the Index for the “A Chat with Authors” Video Podcast Series at:



Songs in the Key of Life

Songs in the Key of Life is the eighteenth studio album by American singer, songwriter and musician Stevie Wonder. It was released on September 28, 1976 by Tamla Records, a division of Motown. The double album has been regarded by music journalists as the culmination of Wonder’s “classic period” of recording. Wikipedia

YouTube Videos from the Songs in the Key of Life…


Monday’s School of PACT: PACT Processes Testimonials from GM 1997

This series of Monday Blog Posts in 2020 and into 2021 has presented my 55+ Free Videos from the School of PACT – about my ISD set of methodologies – plus other related videos.

The PACT Processes have been field tested in hundreds and hundreds of consulting engagements by me, my business partners and staff going back to 1982, and also in hundreds and hundreds of ISD efforts by my clients and their staffs.

You might also be interested in…

PACT Practitioner Self-Development and Certification Paths

Here is a page that leads to 5 “PACT Path Pages” – which are intended to provide guidance in using the many Free Resources that Guy W. Wallace offers for the self-development of Performance Competence in the 5 Key PACT Practitioner Roles:

  • PPA– PACT Performance Analyst
  • PCD– PACT CAD Designer
  • PMD– PACT MCD Designer
  • PLD– PACT Lead Developer
  • PPM– PACT Project Manager


These free resources include my lean-ISD book PDF from 1999, plus 20+ audio podcasts, additional videos, many articles and presentations.

Plus search the website for related Blog Posts – as desired.

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pb-ISD: Check the DCS When Addressing Performance Problems

When addressing a Performance Problem or Opportunity (flip sides of the same coin so to speak) after checking the Process Itself – look at the Consequence System to see if it is aligned deliberately, or not, with the desired human behaviors.

Too often it is not. And Training/ Learning/ Experiences are simply not going to change the behaviors for the better all too often.

This video is 2:00 minutes in length…

Get yourself a new hammer.


Reflecting on My First Alaska Project Way back in 1987

Sometimes consulting projects are just so cool.

Sometime they are both very cool – and very cold.

The night I arrived at Prudhoe Bay in the Arctic Circle on Alaska’s North Slope it was very cold.

And I’ll never forget the pilot having to attempt landing twice in Anchorage – as a moose was loose on the runway on the first attempt. I was on the side of the plane to witness that moose on the loose, as we circled back while ground crews cleared our path.

Then seeing a moose trotting down the street in downtown Anchorage from my hotel window the next morning before completing the final leg of my flights up to the North Slope.

The Video of my self-directed tour of the working and living facilities that first evening after running day 1 or 2 of my 3 day Analysis meeting, December 16, 1987.

Note the -22 degree F temp outside on the TV monitor …

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